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What Your Grandchild Can Teach You About Social Security

Everyone knows that if you have a digital dilemma, you should find a tech savvy kid to resolve it. Sometimes it seems these kids were born digitally connected, but they were the first generation to grow up immersed in technology.  You can reap the benefits from the computer capabilities of these techno tykes.  We celebrate…
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Question Marks

Twins And Social Security Numbers

      Asking questions is a way to deepen your knowledge of a particular subject.  Today I want to share a question I was asked recently and the answer. Question:  My twins recently received their Social Security numbers.  There was no similarity in the numbers even though they applied at the same time.  Can…
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Foreign Travel, Volunteers And Medicare

My name is Mickie Douglas. I work for Social Security as a Public Affairs Specialist and I’m replacing Howard Kossover. I just said that so I could officially state for the record that Howard is irreplaceable.  Howard was a well-loved and much respected Social Security employee.  We will all miss him, but some are maybe…
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Changes Ahead

Greetings everyone, Changes are ahead for these posts. The posts will continue but I have retired from the Social Security Administration. This is my final post.  Going forward, a Social Security partner of mine will continue to share information with you. At the invitation of a Forum Communications representative, I began writing these posts in…
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No One Knows About A 2017 COLA Yet

Articles guessing about Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) for next year are starting to appear.  No matter what you read or hear, no one knows 2017 COLA information yet and no one will officially know until approximately mid-October. Last year, the Social Security COLA press release was on October 15.  By…
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