Railroad Employment & Social Security

Q: My neighbor works for the railroad and said he will not get Social Security at retirement. Why is that? A: Most, but not all, employed people pay into Social Security and become eligible for benefits. Railroad employment is an exception with a separate system administered by the Railroad Retirement Board. Although two very different…
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Start Of Original Social Security Website

Times change. This day in 1994 saw the launch of the original Social Security website. May 17, 1994, was only twenty-two years ago. Updated many times since then, the official website,, is just one of many methods used by the Social Security Administration to reach the public. SSA social media channels have expanded to…
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Popular Baby Names By State

The 2015 top ten male and female baby names nationally were posted here on May 6, with larger lists of popular names on the Social Security website. Popular baby names since 1880 are there. At the time of a child’s birth, parents supply the name to the agency when applying for a child’s Social Security…
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Retirement Amounts To A Couple

Q: Is there a limit to the amount of Social Security benefits payable to a couple?  A: This question is received so often that I routinely discuss it when teaching retirement seminars.  There is no marriage penalty, limit or other reduction when each member of a couple receives Social Security retirement based on their individual work records.  …
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Do You Lose Social Security Coverage If Not Working?

Q: I have worked for years and, according to my Statement, have enough credits to qualify for Social Security benefits. Do I lose this coverage if I stop working? A: Work requirements are part of Social Security and credits, formerly called quarters of coverage, are the way work is measured to see if a person…
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