Changing Your Voluntary Tax Withholding

Q: How do I change the amount of taxes withheld from my Social Security benefit? A: Taxes are not routinely withheld from Social Security benefits but you can request, change or end voluntary Federal tax withholding by completing IRS Form W-4V, Voluntary Withholding Request, and returning it to your local SSA office. Voluntary withholding is…
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Is Social Security Retirement Prorated?

Q: If starting retirement at age 62, is Social Security prorated for the days that I am 62? A: Social Security benefits are not prorated. You are either eligible for the complete month or not at all. For retirement, you must be at least age 62 through the entire month to receive benefits for that month. A…
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Benefits To Your Stepchild

Q: Can my stepdaughter receive from my record when I retire? A: Perhaps. Your biological, adopted or dependent stepchildren may also qualify on your record when you receive Social Security benefits. In general, the child must be unmarried, and either younger than age 18, age 18 – 19 and still in high school, or over age…
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Is Age 65 Still Important For Social Security Retirement?

Q: Is age 65 still important for Social Security retirement? A: While age 65 is important as the starting age for Medicare, it has no special meaning for Social Security retirement anymore. Until the Social Security Amendments of 1983, retirement benefits were not reduced for age if you waited until age 65 before starting them.…
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A Question About Spousal Benefits

Q: I reach age 66 in August. A Social Security representative contacted me about my online retirement application. She said my wife could collect half of my amount when she reaches age 66 later this year and that she could later collect her own retirement at age 70. Is this correct? A: As a general…
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