Not All Spousal Benefits To Wife Or Husband Are Based On Age

Q: I plan to start Social Security retirement next January, including benefits for our 17-year-old son who is in high school. Can my wife receive Social Security on my record then because our son will? She is in her 50’s and working. A: Because your son is age 17 and not younger, the answer is…
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Social Security 81th Anniversary Is This Weekend

President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the 1935 Social Security Act into law at 3:30pm in the afternoon on August 14, 1935. Above is a composite photo of the signing. Of special note in the photo is Frances Perkins, Secretary of Labor, first woman to hold a cabinet position in the United States and a major…
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Benefits To A Grandchild

The Social Security publication, Benefits for Children, mentions that grandchildren can sometimes receive child’s benefits. This is possible but not very common. Here are more details from the Social Security website, www.socialsecurity.gov. More and more parents are finding themselves raising grandchildren. Social Security will pay benefits to grandchildren when the grandparent retires, becomes disabled, or…
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Approaching Age 65? Remember Medicare.

Approaching age 65? Remember Medicare. Medicare begins for most people at age 65, earlier if receiving disability. If you receive Social Security benefits, expect a Medicare card and instructions several months in advance of age 65 from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Part of the Department of Health and Human Services, CMS is…
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Average SSA Retirement Amount & MyRA

Social Security was never intended to provide your complete retirement income. Financial experts say you need 70-80 percent of your pre-retirement income for a comfortable retirement. Since Social Security replaces only about 40 percent of pre-retirement income for the average worker, having pensions, savings, and investments are important. To illustrate this, the average, individual, Social…
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