Benefits To Your Stepchild

Q: Can my stepdaughter receive from my record when I retire? A: Perhaps. Your biological, adopted or dependent stepchildren may also qualify on your record when you receive Social Security benefits. In general, the child must be unmarried, and either younger than age 18, age 18 – 19 and still in high school, or over age…
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Social Security & Women

Q: Are Social Security benefits the same for women and men? A: Program legislation is gender neutral so individuals with identical earnings histories are treated the same in terms of benefits, so yes; Social Security benefits are the same for women and men. Differences outside of Social Security, such as interrupted work patterns, overall earnings…
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A Question About Spousal Benefits

Q: I reach age 66 in August. A Social Security representative contacted me about my online retirement application. She said my wife could collect half of my amount when she reaches age 66 later this year and that she could later collect her own retirement at age 70. Is this correct? A: As a general…
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Retirement Amounts To A Couple

Q: Is there a limit to the amount of Social Security benefits payable to a couple?  A: This question is received so often that I routinely discuss it when teaching retirement seminars.  There is no marriage penalty, limit or other reduction when each member of a couple receives Social Security retirement based on their individual work records.  …
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When Do SSA Survivors Benefits Begin?

Q: When do Social Security survivors benefits begin? A: Social Security survivors benefits can begin effective with the month of death, assuming there are eligible family members to pay. When a person receiving Social Security benefits dies, even at the end of a month, benefits are not payable for that month. For example, if the death is…
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