When Do SSA Survivors Benefits Begin?

Q: When do Social Security survivors benefits begin? A: Social Security survivors benefits can begin effective with the month of death, assuming there are eligible family members to pay. When a person receiving Social Security benefits dies, even at the end of a month, benefits are not payable for that month. For example, if the death is…
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Today Is Check Your Statement Day

Noted in yesterday’s post about my Social Security, today is “Check Your Statement Day.” Checking your Social Security Statement is important for retirement planning but, in my opinion, it is even more important for people many years away from retirement, especially if you have dependent children. Including survivors and disability benefits, Social Security is far…
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Social Security Numbers For Twins

Q: I am expecting twins soon. Could they have Social Security numbers in numerical order to make them easier to remember? A: Decades ago before computerization this could have been done but it is not a good idea. With the random method used to issue Social Security numbers (SSN) today, the possibility of sequential numbers…
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Early Retirement And Child Benefits

The previous two posts were about starting Social Security retirement when younger than full retirement age (FRA). FRA ranges from 65 – 67 and is 66 for people born in 1943 – 1954. Deciding to retire is a major decision and Social Security benefits are just one part of that decision. Some of the many…
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Earnings And SSA Survivors Benefits

Q: Does the annual earnings test apply to survivor benefits? A: Yes, most of the time. In general, annual earnings test levels apply to anyone younger than full retirement age (FRA) and receiving Social Security benefits unless that person receives benefits because of his or her own disability. This applies even if a person receives…
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