Dib or Rib

Disability Or Retirement?

Q: At nearly age 64, I just stopped work because of a severe accident. Is it better to apply for Social Security disability or retirement? A: You can apply for either one or both at the same time. You chose what to do. Social Security disability depends on more than your immediate medical condition.  Based…
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Comparing Social Security And SSI

Q: How is SSI different from Social Security? A: Starting with a short answer, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security are completely different programs. A person can receive both if meeting the separate rules of each. In no particular order, here are more differences between these two programs. Work is at the core of…
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When Do SSA Survivors Benefits Begin?

Q: When do Social Security survivors benefits begin? A: Social Security survivors benefits can begin effective with the month of death, assuming there are eligible family members to pay. When a person receiving Social Security benefits dies, even at the end of a month, benefits are not payable for that month. For example, if the death is…
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Once Started, Benefits Do Not Increase With Age

Q: I started Social Security retirement at age 66 several years age and have received monthly benefits since. Do my benefits increase because I am now older? A: They do not. People can start Social Security retirement at age 62 or any month up to age 70. Full retirement age (FRA), also called normal retirement age, is…
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Payroll Tax Continues If Working After Retirement

Q: My mom is 67 years old and receives Social Security retirement. She also works part-time and noticed that Medicare is taken out of both her paycheck and Social Security benefit. She is wondering why. A: Two different issues are involved. The Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) monthly premium is routinely deducted from Social Security…
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