Social Security Appeals Process

Q: How do I appeal a Social Security decision that I think is wrong?  A: With a few exceptions, nearly all Social Security decisions have an appeal process available. While the specific process can vary based on the issue in question, basic information about the appeals process is here.  Read any letter from Social Security…
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Is Age 65 Still Important For Social Security Retirement?

Q: Is age 65 still important for Social Security retirement? A: While age 65 is important as the starting age for Medicare, it has no special meaning for Social Security retirement anymore. Until the Social Security Amendments of 1983, retirement benefits were not reduced for age if you waited until age 65 before starting them.…
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Social Security & Women

Q: Are Social Security benefits the same for women and men? A: Program legislation is gender neutral so individuals with identical earnings histories are treated the same in terms of benefits, so yes; Social Security benefits are the same for women and men. Differences outside of Social Security, such as interrupted work patterns, overall earnings…
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Changing Your Name With Social Security

Q: I am getting married this month and will change my name. When should I change my Social Security card? A: Congratulations. Correcting your name on your Social Security number card can be on your list of things to do after the honeymoon. The name on your Social Security card should be the same as…
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A Question About Spousal Benefits

Q: I reach age 66 in August. A Social Security representative contacted me about my online retirement application. She said my wife could collect half of my amount when she reaches age 66 later this year and that she could later collect her own retirement at age 70. Is this correct? A: As a general…
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