Mailing Address Matters

Do you know if Social Security has your current mailing address? Do you know why it matters?

Social Security begins to keep track of your mailing address when you sign up for Medicare or Social Security benefits. Prior to that we only need the address your employer reports on your W-2 form each year you work. But when you begin receiving benefits from us, we may send you important letters about your benefits: Cost of Living Adjustment letters, Medicare premium amount letters, or letters about work you report to us and other subjects,

It is very important that once you start benefits, we always have a current mailing address for you. If you haven’t moved since you started benefits and don’t go snowbirding for part of the year, your address is probably still correct.  But it never hurts to check.  How do you do that?

Through your my Social Security account:  Click on Update my Contact Information to update your mailing address.  Don’t have a my Social Security account?  You can sign up at  the same page by choosing Create a New Account.

If we send you a letter and it comes back as “not deliverable”, we will try to find a more current address.  If we can’t, for security reasons, we may suspend your account.  So, keeping your mailing address current really matters.  Use or set up a my Social Security account today to check your mailing address.

NOTE:  Supplemental Security Income beneficiaries cannot report a change of address through the my Social Security portal.  Please call us at 1-800-772-1213, mail us a letter or visit an office.