New 2018 Medicare Costs

Generally, each year the cost-sharing rates for Medicare change. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid recently released what the new amounts will be. At this link on the Medicare site, you will find an overview of the new 2018 costs:

At the end of the article, you will find links for more detailed information about each part of Medicare.  You should take some time to review that changes for the parts of Medicare you have (for example, Part A, Part B,etc.)

Now is the time to check the cost sharing amounts, so you will know what your Medicare costs will be in 2018.  There is also a link to Medicare’s Plan Finder if you want to compare what individual plans cover and pay for services:  The Open Enrollment for Medicare plans runs through December 7, so be sure to review your current plan to see if it still fits your needs.

One of the best overall guides to Medicare called Medicare and You (the2018 edition) is also available on the website.  It explains who can get Medicare, how and when they sign up and what Medicare covers.  It is always helpful to review at the beginning of each new year, so you can understand how Medicare works and see any changes that have been made.  Here is the link for Medicare and You:

Medical coverage is such an important aspect of our lives.  Be sure to devote some time to making sure you are ready for 2018 regarding your Medicare.