Medicare Part B Premium Payment

As the nation’s health program, many people have questions about Medicare when they first begin to have the coverage. When you were employed, you paid a Medicare tax that gives you Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) without a monthly premium. If you decide to have Part B (covers doctor’s services, durable medical equipment, lab tests, etc.), you pay a monthly  premium for Part B.  (Everyone pays a premium to have Part B.)

If you are receiving Social Security benefits when you reach age 65 (the Medicare age for seniors), your Part B Medicare premium will be deducted from your Social Security check. If you are not receiving Social Security benefits when you reach age 65, you will sign up for Medicare Part B (you can do it online at our website: ( and you will be billed for your Medicare premium. (For more information about paying the premium, visit this page at Medicare’s website:

And if you need to replace a lost Medicare card, you can do that by setting up a my Social Security account or using your already established account on the Social Security website ( You can do business with us using the account (change your address, start or charge direct deposit, get a benefit verification, replace a Medicare card, or replace a missing SSA 1099 for taxes). If you have lost your Medicare card, you want to make sure that your mailing address with Social Security is correct, so we send your new card to the right place. And using the account makes replacing a Medicare card something you can easily do online without leaving home.

Medicare has a website at  They offer publications about various aspects of Medicare coverage, but a good guide is Medicare & You which they update yearly.  Here is the link for Medicare & You 2018: