Social Security Online Tools You Can Use: Get A Benefit Verification Letter

Now that you are receiving monthly Social Security or Supplemental Security Income payments, you might have to show someone how much you receive.

You might want to get a loan from a bank or credit union. Legal aide may be available to people with low income. Seniors and people with disabling conditions may find programs that will help them make home repairs, if they can prove their income is under a certain income level. There may be other programs or circumstances where you may want to verify your benefit information.

So, how can you get a benefit verification letter without ever leaving home? Use your my Social Security account. You can set up a new my Social Security account or use an already established account at

A benefit verification letter can be used to verify the type of payment you receive including Social Security, Supplemental Security Income or Medicare Only benefits, the amount of your current benefit as well as the amount for the past year, the amount being deducted for Medicare premiums (if applicable), when your benefit is paid, your age, and your eligibility dates for Medicare Part A and Part B. Some people may need to prove that they have never applied for Social Security benefits or applied and were denied benefits. A benefit verification letter can be used to verify that also.

Getting your verification letter online saves you the time used calling or visiting an office. You can get the letter in the comfort of your own home and print it out immediately. That’s a way to quickly check an item off your to-do list. Visit your my Social Security account today to see what other services you might be able to use.