Social Security Online Tools You Can Use: Change Your Address With Social Security

When you are receiving monthly benefit payments from Social Security, you’ll want to make sure that your address is current even though your check goes direct deposit. We send letters about the COLA increases and any other changes to your benefit amount, so you will want to be sure you receive them. If you go outside the United States, you especially want to make sure that your address is up-to-date. (Social Security does not keep addresses on people until they enroll in Medicare or receive benefits from us.)

Do you want to know an easy way to change your address? One that doesn’t involve calling a toll-free number or driving in the car to the local Social Security office? You can use your my Social Security account to change your address. You can do it at home in your animal slippers while drinking your morning coffee. (If you don’t have a my Social Security account, you can sign up for one at

If you receive retirement, disability or spouses benefits or are enrolled for Medicare, you can change your address online. Those who receive Supplemental Security Income cannot change an address online because we need to ask them some additional questions.

You can enter your new address as well as updating your phone number. You can also link to direct deposit information to update that also if needed. You can tell us when these changes are effective.   Remember to find out your new zip code and have it handy when you make the change.

After you enter the information, we will give you an opportunity to review the information for accuracy before we use it. If you have made an error, there is a handy “Edit” button to correct any mistakes. When it is correct, just use the “Submit” button to send the updated information to Social Security.

So, when you put on those comfortable animal slippers, remind yourself you can still be wearing them when you change your address with Social Security using your my Social Security account.  Use this link to change your address: