Social Security Online Tools You Can Use: Check Your App

Just filed for Social Security retirement online and wonder how things are going? Looking for a quick and easy way to find out?

Remember when Social Security convinced you to sign up for a my Social Security account? You used it to review your earnings and to see retirement estimates before you retired. Now that same account is going to be very useful again.

You can log into to your my Social Security account to monitor the process of the application that you filed. ( You can find out when the claim was filed, where the claim was filed, your servicing office location and the decision. On the My Home tab (Overview), look for the Your Benefit Applications section. It will show the type of benefit you filed for such as retirement and the date the claim was started. It will show you the status. Clicking on View Details gives you more information such as the name of the person processing your application and their contact information.

Once your claim has been processed and you are receiving benefits, the information about your benefits will then be shown in the Benefits & Payments section. Since beneficiaries sometimes need to show proof of their benefits (for a bank loan, for a mortgage, or for agency assistance) there is a link at the bottom of the section called Get A Benefit Verification Letter. Click on this link to get a letter that tells the amount of your payment, any deduction for Medicare, when your benefits are paid each month, the type of benefit, date of birth and Medicare information.

So, to check the status of your application (retirement, disability, Medicare only or a disability appeal) or to get a benefit verification letter, use your my Social Security account at  Online service has never been so easy.