Changes Ahead

Greetings everyone,

Changes are ahead for these posts.

The posts will continue but I have retired from the Social Security Administration. This is my final post.  Going forward, a Social Security partner of mine will continue to share information with you.

At the invitation of a Forum Communications representative, I began writing these posts in late 2011 and, thanks to you, they attract far more attention than I expected. Thank you.

Some 43 years ago, I started working for the Social Security Administration as a Claims Representative, a position involved with helping people apply for all types of Social Security benefits, evaluating evidence and adjudicating applications.

My early retirement clients were born in the years near 1908 and often did not have official birth records, the Supplemental Security Income program had not yet begun, and all work was on paper since computers, email and the Internet were not part of the workday.

Over the years and in several states, I have served in multiple agency positions. Forty-three years sounds like such a long time but most of it has gone by quickly. I have been very fortunate.

For your own retirement planning, use the Social Security retirement planner at Planner topics cover most of the questions received at my seminars or from my newspaper articles. In addition to general information, you can use the benefit estimator there to obtain a personal retirement estimate based on your own work record. For accurate information about all Social Security topics, visit the agency website at or contact an agency representative.

Thank you again for your past and continued support of these posts.

Best wishes. Enjoy,