Your My Social Security Password

Q: On long does a my Social Security password stay valid?

A: Establishing your online my Social Security account at allows immediate access to a growing number of services. You choose a personal username and password when creating your account.

For security reasons, your password is valid for 6 months. If your password expires, you can change it the next time you sign in. You can also change your password at any time after signing in to your account.

If you forget either your my Social Security username or password, go to the “Sign in” section and follow instructions.

Current Social Security beneficiaries can manage their account including address and direct deposit changes. They can also obtain a benefit verification letter and or request a replacement SSA-1099. Medicare beneficiaries can request a replacement Medicare card without waiting for a replacement form in the mail.

People not yet receiving benefits can verify their earnings history and obtain estimates of future benefits by looking at their Social Security Statement online.

Available online services available through the my Social Security portal have been expanded for citizens living in one of eleven states and the District of Columbia to include replacement Social Security number (SSN) card requests, allowing people to replace their SSN card from the comfort of their home or office, without the need to travel to a Social Security office. This is to replace your SSN card, not to change the name or other information on the card. The Social Security Administration is conducting a gradual rollout of this new service. Throughout 2016, expansion will continue to other states.