Benefits To Your Stepchild

Q: Can my stepdaughter receive from my record when I retire?

A: Perhaps.

Your biological, adopted or dependent stepchildren may also qualify on your record when you receive Social Security benefits.

In general, the child must be unmarried, and either younger than age 18, age 18 – 19 and still in high school, or over age 18 with a severe disability that began before age 22.  Benefits to children in college ended many years ago.

Your stepparent relationship is based on marriage to the child’s parent. Ending of that marriage by divorce usually will end the stepparent relationship for purposes of paying child Social Security benefits. If you also adopted the child, those benefits would usually continue.

See the publication “Benefits for Children” at

Benefits paid for your children do not decrease your own benefit amount.

Use the information and tools in the Social Security Retirement Planner to help estimate and plan your retirement benefits.