Social Security Website Changes

Changes to the Social Security website took place last week, with the most important being to the homepage at

Now, one menu box is used to reach all topics rather than the several topic boxes previously used.

In addition to simplifying how to find information, related coding changes will speed up page loading and make the entire website easier to view by smartphones.

Here is how the top portion of the revised webpage looks. Note the Menu link at top right.


Clicking on the Menu link shows a large drop down box.

The left side of the Menu box links to topics formerly scattered around the homepage. With other information, here you will find FAQ’s, how to contact Social Security including local office information, website accessibility help, and information in other languages besides English. This is not a complete of list of the topics there.

On the right side of the Menu box are all the topics previously reached through individual topic boxes. At a glance, now you can see all topics instead of looking in different areas.

As before, topics are grouped based on content and include Benefits, Business & Government,  Information for …, and Agency Information.

Showing the Benefit information in red, a partial image of the Menu box follows. Individual links within each topic brings you to the same pages as before. Some pages had minor changes.