Do You Need To Name A Baby?

Are you naming a baby soon?  Do you need ideas?

The Social Security Administration provides the most popular baby names of the previous and other years at

The agency began compiling the baby name list in 1997, with names available back to 1880. Readily available from applications for new Social Security number (SSN) cards, popular names attract a lot of interest when annually issued near Mother’s Day.

Parents usually apply for the child’s SSN at the time of birth, thus making Social Security an accurate source for the most popular baby names.

In addition to popular names for a specific year, you can learn popular baby names for the nation, by state, and see changes in popularity of a given name over many years. Additional information for new parents is there too. How popular is your name?

Nationally for 2014, the five most popular male names were Noah, Liam, Mason, Jacob and William. The five most popular female names were Emma, Olivia, Sophia, Isabella and Ava.

Different spellings of similar names are not combined. For example, the names Caitlin, Caitlyn, Katelyn, and Katelynn are considered separate names and each has its own rank.

The top 100 most popular names by individual state for years 1960 – 2014 are available.

New parents are encouraged to request a Social Security number (SSN) for their newborn as part of the hospital birth registration process. Very popular, the free and voluntary process called Enumeration at Birth allows the state agency that issues birth certificates to send the child’s birth registration information directly to the Social Security Administration. Without any additional paperwork, a SSN is issued to the child and the ard mailed to the parents.

If not using Enumeration at Birth, parents must wait for the newborn’s official birth certificate to be issued, complete a SSN application and then provide the birth certificate and their own ID documents to Social Security.

Learn more in the SSA publication, Social Security Numbers for Children