Does Social Security Send Emails? Replace Your Medicare Card Online.

Q: Does Social Security send emails?

A: Yes, but not routinely and not to ask you for information. These emails contain general information. Do not send personal information such as your birthdate or Social Security number by email.

Social Security representatives can email general information when you phone with a question. When you call to make an appointment to file for benefits, you might receive an email containing general information to help you file your application or providing the option to file online. Other than your email address, personal information is not shown. For security and to prevent phishing scams, you cannot reply to these messages. You contacted Social Security and provided your email address before getting these emails.

You provide an email address as part of creating a my Social Security account. This is used by Social Security to send occasional messages. For example, in September an email went to about 16 million people reminding them that a Medicare replacement card could be ordered online through their my Social Security account.

A copy of this message follows.


We are excited to offer another convenient online service that you can use with your my Social Security account.  If you are a Medicare beneficiary and you have lost, damaged, or need to replace your Medicare card, you can now easily order a replacement Medicare card using your online my Social Security account.  Even if you are not currently a Medicare beneficiary, please share this news with family and friends who might benefit from this new service.  If you are still working, don’t forget to use your my Social Security account to view your yearly Social Security Statement and verify the accuracy of your earnings record and obtain updated estimates of your future Social Security benefits.

Getting a Medicare replacement card is another convenient service that is only a few minutes away with your my Social Security account.  Help us spread the word about the many benefits available with a my Social Security account at