Employers – Register For Business Services Online Now

The W-2 season is only a few months away.

Now is the time for employers to register to use Social Security Business Services Online (BSO).

A registered employer can verify the Social Security number (SSN) of newly hired and existing employees online or overnight, without seeing the paper SSN card.

Verifying now that you have the correct SSN prevents future reporting problems due to having a wrong SSN or name. If an employee’s name and SSN does not verify, have him or her contact Social Security to correct the problem. This is especially useful if your business has high employee turnover, such as the hospitality industry.

Another BSO service provides for electronic transmission of your W-2 information at the end of the year, with incentive to do so.

Firms providing payroll services register once to use these Business Services for all their clients.

There is no charge to use Social Security Business Services Online.

Business Service Online details are at www.socialsecurity.gov/thirdparty/business.html. Registration instructions and tutorials are in the Employer section as is customer support information that is dedicated to BSO related questions. Local Social Security office staff generally cannot answer BSO questions.

Note that the employee registering to use these Business Services on behalf of an employer is asked for some personal information as a security feature. Before allowing the registration to be completed, the employee work record is checked to verify employment with the employer. Newly hired employees can register for Business Services Online through customer support.