National My Social Security Week


Regular readers are aware of my Social Security, a way to create your own personal, pin and password secured, account to access your own Social Security information whether you receive monthly benefits yet or not.

Have you created your account yet? If not, today is a good time to do so.

If you receive Social Security benefits or have Medicare, you can use a my Social Security online account to:

  • Get your benefit verification letter
  • Check your benefit and payment information and your earnings record
  • Change your address and phone number
  • Start or change direct deposit of your benefit payment
  • Get a replacement Medicare card
  • Get a replacement SSA 1099 or SSA-1042S for tax season

If you do not receive benefits, you can use a my Social Security online account to:

Estimates of your future retirement, disability, and survivors benefits

Your earnings to verify the amounts we posted are correct

See the estimated Social Security and Medicare taxes you have paid

  • Get a benefit verification letter stating that you never have received monthly benefits, formerly received benefits, or have an application for benefits pending.

In addition to using your own pin and password to protect your my Social Security account, additional security methods are used when you create your account. Read about them here.

To create your own account, go to the official Social Security Administration website, Several links from the homepage, including the following image, will take you directly to the my Social Security page at