Question About Delayed Retirement Credits

Recently I received a question about delayed retired credits, the topic of my January 8, 2014, post.

Delayed retirement credits (DRC’s) are increases to a Social Security retirement benefit when you delay starting them past full retirement age. DRC increases stop when you reach age 70 even if you continue to delay receiving benefits. There is no additional advantage to putting off Social Security benefits once you reach age 70. 

The question and answer follow:

Q: What is the value of the delayed retirement credits for ages 62-66?

A: Delayed retirement credits do not exist for ages younger than someone’s full retirement age because the person is electing reduced benefits. They are a benefit increase paid when the start of Social Security retirement benefits are delayed past full retirement age, up to age 70.

Social Security retirement benefits started before full retirement age are reduced by the number of months involved. Reduction percentages were discussed last week.

Lots of SSA retirement planning information is on the Social Security website,, in the Retirement Benefits section and especially in the Retirement Planner area at  Different calculators to help your planning are also there.  With the Retirement Estimator, the compute the effect of early or delayed retirement (early or delayed means before or after FRA) calculator is useful for comparing different start month amounts.