How To Replace Your SSA-1099 For 2013

People receiving Social Security benefits in 2013 should have automatically received Form SSA-1099 for tax year 2013 by January 31, 2014.

Social Security offices are already receiving requests for replacement 1099’s. At least for people that I spoke to last week, failure to receive a 1099 was because they had moved last year, forgot to provide their new mailing address to Social Security, and no longer were having mail forwarded by the Post Office. 

You can request a replacement online at your convenience, without calling or visiting a Social Security office if you have kept your mailing address current on your SSA benefit record.

If you have a new address, first contact Social Security to report it because the replacement 1099 is mailed to your address of record. You can change your own Social Security address online if registered for a my Social Security account.

The page to request a replacement 1099 online provides easy instructions and leads you through several routine legal acknowledgement screens before getting to the actual request. You are asked why you need a replacement 1099 and if you had a change of address that has not been reported to Social Security. Then you provide some personal information, receive a printable confirmation, and are finished. Allow about 10 days to receive it.