Average Social Security Monthly Amounts

Q: How much is the average Social Security benefit amount? 

A: The answer varies widely depending on the type of Social Security benefit.

Benefits are payable through the three Social Security component programs of Old-Age (Retirement), Survivors and Disability. Within each, a variety of benefits exist. Retirement and disability benefits could be payable to the worker based on his or her own Social Security number record as well as to eligible family members such as spouses or children. Survivor benefits are to eligible family members.

Nationally in November 2013, about 57,917,000 people received a monthly retirement, survivors or disability related benefit. Considering all of these people, the average monthly Social Security amount paid, combining all the different Social Security benefits, was $1,164.18.

For Social Security retirement benefits, the average worker, based on his or her individual work record, received $1,273 that month.

It is usual for SSA retirement benefits to be started when the person is younger than their full retirement age. For comparison, in calendar year 2013, the highest Social Security retirement amount for a person retiring exactly at full retirement age, and earning at least the maximum SSA taxable earnings for all 35 years used in computing benefits, was $2,533 per month. Maximum retirement information for 2014 is in the post of December 26, 2013.

When to start your SSA retirement is a personal decision. There is not one overall “best age” to do so. A few things to consider when making your decision are here.

For survivor benefits, the average monthly benefit amount for November 2013 was $1,066. Average amounts varied widely within the different types of survivors benefits. 

For disability benefits, the average worker, based on his or her individual work record, received $1,129 that month.   

More November 2013 average amounts for other SSA benefits are here.

Estimate your own retirement amount with the SSA Retirement Planner tools, especially the Retirement Estimator. Create your my Social Security account and see your online Social Security Statement for individual and family estimates for SSA retirement, surviviors and disability benefits.