Your Letter With 2014 SSA Amounts – More Information

Yesterday I wrote about an important letter going to everyone receiving Social Security retirement, survivors or disability benefits.  If you receive Social Security, the letter tells you specific information about changes to your personal benefit amount due to the 2014 cost-of-living increase. Details about the letter are in yesterday’s post.

Keep this letter with your other important financial documents. You can use this letter when you need to prove the amount of your Social Security benefit amount. 

As mentioned yesterday, you, your spouse and your friends will probably receive your individual letters on different days. If you have not received your own letter, you should receive it soon.

Moving to today’s topic, what if you do not receive this letter?  

As with all letters to you during the year from Social Security, the letter about your 2014 amount is mailed to your address as shown on Social Security records.

If you moved but did not report your new mailing address directly to Social Security, your letter will be delayed by the time needed for the Post Office to forward it.

Even when your benefit payment continues going to the same bank, credit union or other financial organization without change, it is important to inform Social Security of changes to your mailing address.

Are you a snowbird? You can easily change your mailing address with the seasons while leaving your bank information unchanged.

Now is the time to update your mailing address, if needed. Contact Social Security by calling the national SSA toll-free number, 1-800-772-1213 or TTY 1- 800-325-0778, to report your new address.

People receiving Social Security benefits can go online and print a letter to verify their amount, and even update their address, after creating a personal my Social Security account. Before establishing your own account, read How We Verify and Protect Your Identity in the my Social Security section. It explains the questions that you will be asked.

Today’s post is obviously more for people receiving Social Security benefits now. However, a my Social Security account is useful for other purposes even if you are not receiving benefits yet.

Whether or not receiving Social Security benefits right now, learn more at and create your my Social Security account today.