Medicare Enrollment Webcast

The Social Security Administration field office organization is divided into ten regions. Last week the Denver Region, which serves residents of Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, western Minnesota and three Canadian Provinces, hosted a short webcast titled Medicare Enrollment Periods at Age 65

In approximately seven minutes, this Medicare Enrollment Periods at Age 65 broadcast covers the parts of Medicare, when to enroll, coverage basics and how to apply.  

Depending on Internet connection and equipment used, I noticed that the load time varied widely so a few minutes of patience might be needed.  

Medicare enrollment information is also in the Medicare portion of the Social Security website. From the homepage,, go to the Benefits tab. 

People receiving Social Security monthly benefits before reaching age 65 do not need to apply for Medicare because they are automatically enrolled in Medicare at the correct time. If not already receiving benefits, you must take action to enroll in Medicare.

There is no monthly charge for Medicare hospital insurance (Part A) since you already paid for it when working and paying Medicare tax. However, there is a monthly premium for medical insurance (Part B) so you have the option of turning it down. In 2013, the basic Part B monthly premium is $104.90. Based on Federal taxable income, some people pay a higher premium. Less than five percent of people with Medicare pay a higher premium.

Even if waiting until after age 65 to apply for Social Security retirement benefits, most people start at least Part A Medicare coverage at age 65.

To begin your Medicare coverage, apply within three months of reaching age 65, but definitely before the month you turn age 65, to avoid any delays in coverage.   

 You can file your Medicare application online in as little as 10 minutes at Again, apply for Medicare even if not ready to retire.