Social Security Disability And Workers’ Compensation

Q: Can a person receive Social Security disability and workers’ compensation benefits at the same time?

A: Yes but workers’ compensation and other public disability benefits may reduce your Social Security benefits.

If you receive workers’ compensation or other public disability benefits and SSA disability benefits for the same period, the total amount of these benefits cannot exceed 80 percent of your average current earnings before you became disabled.   

Variations exist in types of state workers’ compensation benefits so, as always, this is a general answer and will not apply in the same manner for all states. For example, when someone is eligible for both workers’ compensation and Social Security disability in North Dakota it is more likely that the State will offset the workers’ compensation benefits while in Minnesota is more likely that SSA will offset the disability benefits. 

See the pamphlet “How Workers’ Compensation and Other Disability Payments May Affect Your Benefits” for more information.