Timeline To Post W-2 Wages

Q: How long does it take for wages to appear on Social Security records?  My 2012 earnings were not yet on my record when I filed for benefits a few weeks ago. 

A: Employers report employee wages to Social Security only once during the year, when you receive your W-2. Posting from employer W-2 information to individual records goes on all year and usually completed by fall of the following year for records given to SSA by paper W-2. Nearly all 2012 wage records will be posted by the fall of 2013. W-2 data submitted electronically by employers using the free Social Security Business Services Online (BSO) posts faster.   

SSA representatives may request a prior year W-2 before earnings are posted so new beneficiaries receive credit for immediate past year wages. Whether or not this is done, the end result is the same because records of all beneficiaries are automatically reviewed when new earnings are posted. If the new earnings increase benefit amounts, any adjusted amount is retroactive. This applies to new beneficiairies and people receiving SSA benefits for years.

With different methods available, employers of all sizes can electronically report W-2 wage information by using the free SSA Business Services Online (BSO). Advance registration is required. Register now and transmit 2013 W-2 information electronically. Learn more at the Business & Government tab at www.socialsecurity.gov.