New Social Security Home Page

The Social Security home page,, has a whole new look. One, I’ve been told, designed to present a fresh, modern look and feel, reflecting current trends and best practices in web design. Included are a new top banner and footer, an updated color scheme, and a simplified layout. 

The home page now features popular “main menus” to help you quickly and easily find information, rather than searching different areas of the homepage. For example:

–       Social Security number (SSN) card information is in the “Number & Cards” section.

–       The “Benefits” section has information about Social Security (Retirement, Survivors & Disability), Medicare and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.

–       Go to “Information for…” to see topics for specific populations, including AIAN, or third party groups such as financial planners, representative payees, health and human resources professionals and others. 

–       The “Business & Government” section contains Business Services Online and other material for employers and the self-employed as well as items of Congressional interest.

–       Find much of the statistical and historical information I provide in the “Our Agency” section.

Keeping in mind the growing number of tablet users, Social Security made the new theme tablet friendly. Smartphone users will continue to enjoy the benefits of the mobile-friendly website launched in May.

Even though the home page look has changed, your bookmarked links to favorite pages have not. The website pages you use will still be just a click away. 

Experience the new home page at Please share this information and consider linking to the Social Security website from your own webpages. A partial image of the new home page follows.