Replace A Medicare Card Online & Other Webcasts

National Social Security webinars are at the SSA homepage, . From there, go to the Social Media Hub in the lower right corner. Clicking on the persons image at right or on “more social media” brings you to webinars, including one recorded in April about retirement planning.

Adding to the national webinars, you can watch webcasts through the SSA Denver Region site. The Social Security Administration includes ten regions. Denver Region, where I am, directly serves residents of Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, western Minnesota and three Canadian provinces.

Brand new on the Denver Region site is How to Replace Your Medicare Card Online. Just short of six minutes in length, it contains a brief Medicare introduction, shows how to replace your Medicare card online, and mentions my Social Security.

Replacing your Medicare card is just one of the many online Social Security services available at no charge, whether or not you receive monthly benefits.

 Recorded last November, the Social Security Denver Region webcast Social Security Frequently Asked Questions is still available.

In approximately 20 minutes, the webinar discusses Social Security retirement, survivors and disability program topics, how benefit amounts are determined for individuals and spouses, how to replace a Social Security card, and more. 

So that you can easily find information for yourself, the webinar also highlights the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) area of the Social Security website,