Social Security Retirement Estimator

Q: I recently attempted to use the Social Security Retirement Estimator.  After putting in my information, I was told it could not be verified. What do you suggest? 

 A: The Retirement Estimator is one of the Social Security retirement planning calculators at

 It will not work if the person lacks enough work to qualify for retirement or if they are receiving Social Security benefits. When neither of these applies, the main reason for the Retirement Estimator not working is related to the security system.  

Use is prevented if personal information entered to the Estimator does not fully match personal information already on Social Security Administration records. This could happen for several reasons but easy examples are when a person’s current name has not been updated on their Social Security number (SSN) card or if their birthdate is wrong. If this is the problem, the Estimator will work once the SSN record is updated.

Call Social Security, either the national number, 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778), or your local office. The SSA representative should be able to determine the problem. If needed, SSN record correction can be completed by mail or in person at no charge. See for information and application needed to correct a SSN card. 

When you call, the SSA representative can also provide an estimate for you.