Newest Annual Statistical Supplement Now Online

The Annual Statistical Supplement, 2012 just became available online at  

There is a massive amount of interesting information here, not just concerning Social Security retirement (old-age), survivors and disability insurance (OASDI), but also about other programs including Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Medicare, Medicaid, Unemployment Insurance, Workers’ Compensation, Black Lung Benefits, and Veterans’ Disability Benefits. Each Table of Contents topic has a link to that section in html or pdf formats.

Specific information provided depends on the topic. At approximately 528 pages in length, you will find something in the Annual Statistical Supplement, 2012 to interest you. The Supplement includes more than 240 statistical tables of comprehensive data on Social Security and Supplemental Security Income. Using Social Security as an example, topics include:

From the Highlights and Trends section, here are two interesting tidbits for you:  

About 55.4 million persons received Social Security benefits for December 2011, an increase of 1,372,512 (2.5 percent) since December 2010. Sixty-nine percent were retired workers and their spouses and children, 11 percent were survivors of deceased workers, and 19 percent were disabled workers and their spouses and children.”

“OASDI benefit awards in calendar year 2011 totaled 5,567,020, including 2,577,647 to retired workers, 498,248 to their spouses and children, and 885,713 to survivors of insured workers. Benefits were awarded to 998,979 disabled workers and to 606,433 of their spouses and children.”

Again, more than just Social Security information is in the Annual Statistical Supplement, 2012. Enjoy.