Employers – You Can Transmit W-2 Data Electronically

Recent posts about the free Social Security Business Services Online (BSO) covered BSO registration and the Social Security Number Verification Service (SSNVS). This BSO series ends today with submitting W-2 information online.  

Firms performing payroll services for multiple employers can register once to use BSO services for all clients. 

In addition to saving your business time and money in reduced handling and paperwork, with electronic W-2 transmission you have more time to provide W-2 information to Social Security. Unlike the paper W-2 deadline at the end of February, if submitting electronically, the deadline for submission to Social Security is March 31 (or on the following workday if this date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday). Employee copies of the Form W-2 still must be given to employees by January 31 (or on the following workday if this date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday).

There are two basic ways to file W-2’s online depending on your payroll system. 

With many commercial payroll software’s, you can create a data file for transmission to the Social Security Administration (SSA). Free SSA BSO software allows an accuracy check of your data before actually uploading the wage file to Social Security.

A second method is to use a provided W-2 template to create a transmission file of up to 50 Forms W-2 at a time. You can print copies suitable for distribution to employees, and additional W-2’s can be completed as needed. No special software is required. 

There is also BSO software for online W-2c’s, if needed. 

During January 2012, the third of three Social Security webinars about Business Services Online described online filing of W-2 and W-3’s. Although some website images have since changed, the basic process remains the same. Other tutorials are in the Handbook, Tutorial & Video section at http://www.ssa.gov/employer/. You might find these useful.

Personal assistance with SSA Business Services Online is available at http://www.ssa.gov/employer/. Note the customer support link at lower right of that page. This is specifically to help with business service online topics, not individual Social Security benefit questions.