Updated For 2011- How Many People Receive Social Security In Your County?

Curious about how many people receive monthly Social Security benefits nationally? In your state?  In your county? How much money is involved? See the newly released OASDI Beneficiaries by State and County, 2011. OASDI stands for Old Age (Retirement), Survivors and Disability Insurance, the three programs of Social Security.  

For each state, as of December 2011, there is information by individual county, including amounts and type of Social Security benefit received.   

For the entire United States, 17.8 percent of the population received a monthly Social Security benefit as of December 2011. This includes everyone receiving a Social Security retirement, survivors or disability benefit, whether based on their own work record or that of someone else such as a parent or spouse.  People of all ages are included.  

For the same time, 16.9 percent of the Minnesota state population received Social Security. For North Dakota it was 17.7 percent.  

Social Security benefits go to many people of all ages, bringing a huge amount of money to our states. Learn how many and how much for your state and county at http://www.ssa.gov/policy/docs/statcomps/oasdi_sc/2011/index.html .   Note: money amounts are shown in thousands of dollars.