Social Security Statement Now Available Online

Now you can get your personal Social Security Statement online at  

“Our new online Social Security Statement is simple, easy-to-use and provides people with estimates they can use to plan for their retirement,” said Michael J. Astrue, Commissioner of Social Security, when it recently became available. “The online Statement also provides estimates for disability and survivors benefits, making the Statement an important financial planning tool. People should get in the habit of checking their online Statement each year, around their birthday, for example.”

Providing information not previously available online, the Statement shows earnings posted to your personal Social Security record. Work records are usually accurate but do look at yours and contact Social Security if there is a problem. This is important because SSA benefits are based on your lifetime earnings. 

The online Statement includes links to information about other online Social Security services, such as applications for retirement, disability, and Medicare.

You must be age 18 or older to get your personal online Statement and, for security, you must provide information about yourself that matches information already on file with Social Security. In addition, Social Security uses Experian, an external authentication service provider, for further verification. Social Security numbers will not be shared with Experian, but the identity check is an important part of this new, thorough verification process. When your identity is verified, you can create a “My Social Security” account with a unique user name and password to access your online Statement.

Go to to learn about and obtain the new online Statement. See a sample Statement and view a short video about the registration process there.

Having your personal Social Security Statement online adds to other tools already available at  For retirement information, go to  Use the Retirement Estimator at, also connected to your actual work record, to compare SSA benefits at different ages or based on different earnings amounts. With that information, go to “Compute the effects of early or delayed retirement” at to estimate amounts for specific months. You can also file for SSA benefits online.