Voluntary Federal Tax Withholding From SSA Benefits

Q: Can I have Federal taxes withheld from my Social Security benefit? 

A: Yes. Federal taxes are not routinely withheld from Social Security benefits but you can request them to be. You may find doing this easier than paying quarterly estimated tax payments. 

To start voluntary withholding you need to complete Internal Revenue Service (IRS) form W-4V and return it to your local Social Security office.  To change or end an ongoing voluntary withholding you would complete another form W-4V

Withholding is by your selected percentage of monthly benefits, not a flat dollar amount. When completing the W-4V you select the percentage of benefits for tax withholding. Available options are to have 7 percent, 10 percent, 15 percent or 25 percent of your monthly benefit withheld.

The Social Security Administration has no authority to withhold state or local taxes from your benefit.  Voluntary withholding is only for Federal taxes. 

Social Security employees cannot provide tax advice.  If voluntary withholding interests you, discuss it with your tax preparer or call IRS at 1-800-829-3676 (TTY 1-800-829-4059).