No Charge To Correct Your Social Security Card

Q:  Recently married, I looked for instructions to change my name on my Social Security card and found a non-government website that charged money for this.  A friend said changing my name with Social Security is free.  Is it?

A:  Yes, it is free.  Social Security does not charge a fee for Social Security number (SSN) card actions.  Go to  the Top Services section at .   “Get or replace a Social Security card” is the first topic there.  You cannot request a corrected SSN card online but the instructions provide specific types of evidence needed for your situation and you can download the application (Form SS-5).

In this area, the downloaded application, plus original evidence, can be brought or mailed to your local office for processing.   Some parts of the country have centralized sites to process Social Security number card actions.  Your documents are returned.  The name on your card should be the same as reported by your employer.  Have your employer change your payroll record to match the name on your updated SSN card.   For accurate Social Security information, go to