Employers: Transmit W-2 Data Electronically

Useful tools for employers and the self-employed, including electronic transmission of W-2 and W-2c data, are part of Social Security business services online.   Services are free but advance registration is required.  Register now so your personal PIN and password will be established for use in reporting 2011 wages.  If your business involves performing payroll services for other firms, you can register your business and then electronically transmit W2 and W2c information for your clients.

With electronic transmission, you can get an instant receipt as proof of filing, can check the status of your records, and get an extra 30 days to file your W-2s with Social Security.

Electronic W-2 transmission offers two options.  Use them separately or a combination of both.   By creating a data file using your own payroll software, the first allows you to send W-2s and W-2cs to Social Security by uploading an electronic file.  Test your file for compatibility and errors before transmitting using SSA’s free software.

 The second lets you key W-2’s directly to the Social Security website in the W-2 format and print these for your employees.   Expanded for tax year 2011, you can input up to 50 W-2’s per transmission and make as many transmissions as needed. 

 If you key your reports to our online template, you never have to worry about obtaining blank W-2/W-2C paper forms again.  You will be able to print all the copies (employee, state, etc.) needed plus W-3/W-3C federal totals are automatically generated.

Using either method, transmitting W-2’s electronically is good for you and Social Security.   For you,

  • It is free, fast and secure.
  • It saves time and reduces filing burden.
  • It offers a later filing deadline (electronic filers have until the last day of March vs. the last day of February for all other filers).

 Register for SSA Business Services Online at: www.socialsecurity.gov/bso/bsowelcome
Learn more, including tutorials and customer support information, at: www.socialsecurity.gov/employer/