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Where Is My Local Social Security Office And When Is It Open?

Many Social Security services are available online at . You can file for benefits, appeal a disability decision, set up a my Social Security account, find out if you qualify for benefits, estimate future benefits, get a benefit verification letter, change your address and phone (for beneficiaries), start or change direct deposit (for beneficiaries),…
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Grandmother and Grandchild A

What You Can Teach Your Grandchild About Social Security

One of the greatest gifts you can give a grandchild is the gift of financial literacy. Helping them start early to save and showing them how to make wise spending decisions goes a long way toward a bright financial future.  Assisting them in starting their own savings account at the bank introduces them to the…
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Grandchild Teenager B

What Your Grandchild Can Teach You About Social Security

Everyone knows that if you have a digital dilemma, you should find a tech savvy kid to resolve it. Sometimes it seems these kids were born digitally connected, but they were the first generation to grow up immersed in technology.  You can reap the benefits from the computer capabilities of these techno tykes.  We celebrate…
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Question Marks

Twins And Social Security Numbers

      Asking questions is a way to deepen your knowledge of a particular subject.  Today I want to share a question I was asked recently and the answer. Question:  My twins recently received their Social Security numbers.  There was no similarity in the numbers even though they applied at the same time.  Can…
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How Did They Do It Without Computers?

Many people rely on a computer to access online information and to store personal information. Remember that box of photos that you found in the back of the closet on a shelf?  The one that had the pictures from your high school prom?  Now, people share those photos almost instantly because they are stored on…
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