Social Security Payment Schedule For 2017

Social Security checks used to arrive on the same day each month. That isn’t true anymore. Now, they arrive on one of four days in the month. Checks now come on the third of the month and on the second, third and fourth Wednesdays of the month. Do you know when your check will arrive…
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Need A Replacement Social Security Card?

You can now apply for a replacement Social Security card online using your personal my Social Security account. If you meet all requirements and live in some states or the District of Columbia, you can start using this service today. Go to for more information.


Retirement Strategies And Social Security Spousal Benefits

Before the Bipartisan Budget Act passed in November, 2015, married couples were able to use filing strategies that provided additional or enhanced Social Security benefits. These strategies relied on the timing of receiving benefits. Financial planners called this “maximizing” benefits. Congress considered these unintended loopholes, which benefited couples who could delay one member’s benefits while supplementing…
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Remarriage And Social Security Spousal Benefits

Q: Does a spouse stop receiving Social Security spousal benefits if he or she remarries? A: Generally, benefits stop for spouses when they remarry with some exceptions. Social Security benefits were designed to help a dependent spouse. When you divorce and remarry, you are no longer dependent on the worker and you may be able…
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Is There A Maximum Social Security Spousal Benefit?

Q: I’ve always worked and paid in the maximum contribution to Social Security, so I will be eligible for a maximum benefit. Will my spouse get one-half of that amount? A: The spouse’s benefit amount is a percentage of his or her spouse’s full retirement age amount. The most a spouse could receive is 50%…
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